Burning Online


Hi Team!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Sam and I will be your coach, your trainer, your mentor and your teammate throughout Burning Online. My goal is to deliver you with the tools to succeed and smash your goals from the comfort of your home. I will keep you accountable, I will keep your nutrition on point and I will deliver you some kick ass workouts! I will deliver two types of workouts… bodyweight and those with minimal weights. These will be programmed through a personal App and through LIVE stream videos. Nutrition and your wellbeing are a high priority of our program so I would love to help.

I look forward to working together!
Oh and have a two weeks on me!

Let's stay fit and healthy together from the comfort of your home

2 Weeks Free

What is the Burning Online Program

You may not be able to turn up to the shred shed to do your daily workouts but we’ve developed new methods and programs to ensure we all stay connected, fit and healthy during this interesting time we all find ourselves in.

There are Live Workouts daily with the addition of a nightly Yin Yoga class (perfect for destressing and winding down before bed at night) and a weekly challenge through an app called SugarWOD.

Each week on a Sunday you’ll receive a Members Update with any new developments, the class timetable for the week and the Online App Challenge.

We look forward to keeping you fit and healthy and happy.

What’s it include?

'LIVE' home workouts

Live workouts are a great way to engage with other members whilst still experiencing your coach  ‘yelling’ at you to do more burpees (simply turn up the volume on your speakers for a higher impact!). You can ‘re-watch’ the sessions if you miss it, the videos remain online even after the Live session has finished.

Online Performance App

This app will keep you accountable to me and your fellow Burn teammates. It will keep the Burn community spirit, as you can see when others complete a workout, you can give that person a ‘virtual’ fist pump or give them a ‘well-done’ comment.

Each week we will set a new challenge to be completed, you can check the Leaderboard for each challenge at any point, good for those who like a bit of competition for motivation!

Don’t forget to update your profile picture and add Friends from the gym.

Weekly nutrition & wellness advice

Each week in the Burn Nutrition & Workouts Group we will be dishing out nutrition and wellness advice to make sure you are staying on top of your health throughout this period.

Eating well, drinking plenty of water and getting enough rest will all contribute to your overall health and wellness.

1 on 1 phone consult

Get ready to kick some goals! Our phone consult will set you in the right direction you becoming the best version of yourself!

30 Day Challenge Winners

Each month we will announce the Monthly Online Winner!
The Winner will be based off the workouts they complete, the wellness challenges and their participation.