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what does a typical class schedule look like?

Classes are 45 – 60 minutes long, but we do recommend you arrive 5-10 minutes before class . Each day you show up to a new carefully programmed workout. Class starts with some mobility work, then we move into a warm up exercise, follow that up with a skill and/or strength portion, and then we jump into the workout. To finish we cool down with some additional dynamic stretching and mobility work.

DO I HAVE TO GET IN SHAPE FIRST BEFORE I START? do i have to get in shape before i start?

No! Burn meets you where you are at physically. You will perform the same workout as everyone else, but your portion can be scaled as needed. Scaled means modifying the movements for you while still allowing you to complete the workout. The ability of our coaching staff to modify or scale the workout to benefit you is something we takes very seriously.

i have some nagging injuries, can i still do your classes?

A number of clients have come through the doors with previous injuries or tweaks and found relief from the pain by improving their mobility (flexibility) and strengthening the muscles around the problem area. For example, A lot of people neglect exercising their lower back because they have occasional back pain. Quite often this is a result of a weak muscle support system in your back, not doing anything to improve your muscle system only makes the situation worse. Our trainers will speak with you about your injuries, pains, etc when you start and scale your workouts as needed. We recommend consulting your physician prior to joining Burn if you have major concerns about your injuries.

Is there a lock in contract?

No, every payment is made on a week to week subscription plan.

How do I cancel?

Simply pop down to the gym to sign your cancelation form.

How does 24/7 access work?

This will give you access to the gym outside of class times. As you will have the daily workout on your phone, you wont have to worry about missing a class.

I have no idea if I am eating the correct foods, can I receive nutrition support?

Yes, our goal at burn is to set you up for best possible chance at success. This means you can receive our nutrition support at the start of your membership.

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